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Invest in your property with expert power washing in Traverse City, Michigan. Power washing services remove thick dirt, grass stains, storm debris, and snow salt from outdoor surfaces. House power washing also improves curb appeal, for a stunning property you’ll love. For reliable, affordable services you can trust, call ProClean Power Washing Northern Michigan.

What makes us stand out from the crowd? First, our soft wash systems are excellent for all surfaces, including roof power washing. Second, we tailor our services to every property and customer personally. Whatever it takes to ensure a pristine property, ours is the crew to call! We’re also happy to explain our soft wash cleaning and why it’s superior to any other option.

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Why Your Property Needs Power Washing by the Pros

Every property needs expert power washing on a regular basis! Professional pressure washing in Traverse City cleans away thick dirt and grime that a garden hose just can’t tackle. Also, everyone on our team is trained to ensure they get every nook and cranny cleaned thoroughly. We never overlook a detail when it’s time for expert pressure washing at your house or commercial property.

Moreover, our pressure washing cuts through thick mold, dust, pollen, and air pollution residues. You’ll breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner outdoor environment after we come through! Power washing also restores color to brick, pavers, fences, and decks, for a like-new appearance. Our services also tackle dirt lodged deep in wood, brick, and paver surfaces.

When was the last time you scheduled professional washing for your property? If it’s been too long, contact us right now! We’ll prepare a no-cost quote for your needed exterior cleaning.
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We Provide the Power Washing Your Property Needs

Pressure Washing

Ensure a safe clean by relying on our team for needed pressure washing. Our crew is fully trained in using safe pressure amounts, to reduce the risk of damage. We also know the right cleaners for various exterior surfaces. This ensures a pristine appearance throughout your entire property.

Soft Washing

Not every power washing company in the area offers soft wash cleaning like our crew. Our low-pressure soft washing is excellent for shingles, glass, wood, metal, and other materials easily damaged by standard cleaning. In turn, you’ll enjoy a stunning property from its roof to its foundation!

Roof Cleaning

Never attempt DIY roof washing! Being on a roof is dangerous and can risk damage to its materials. Also, the wrong washing techniques can strip shingle granules, crack stone, and damage metal and wood. For safe, thorough roof washing services, call our crew for soft wash roof cleaning instead.

Driveway Cleaning

Expert driveway cleaning offers an immaculate look around your property the minute you arrive home! Professional soft washing also removes snow salt residues, lawn care chemicals, motor oil stains, and other damaging debris. This ensures driveway materials last as long as possible before needing repairs.

Patio Cleaning

You can’t enjoy your patio if it’s coated with unpleasant and bothersome dust, mold, grass stains, and pollen. On the other hand, our expert care creates a beautiful patio that’s ready for relaxing or entertaining. Power washing also removes bothersome odors, for a fresh, clean space you’ll love.

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning ensures your property looks its best on the outside and from the inside! Our window cleaning services mean more sunshine in interior rooms. Clean windows also create improved curb appeal instantly, removing unsightly mud, water stains, dust, and other debris.
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What We’re Your Best Choice for Power Washing

Customer Service

Our company always puts customer service at the top of our priority list. We know that scheduling pressure washing is often overwhelming for any property owner. We’re happy to answer your questions and walk you through the entire process. Check out our 5-star reviews!


Whatever services you need to have done, we’ll tailor a cleaning service to fit your property and budget. We can even spread out your needed services rather than tackling every part of your property on one visit. This allows you to afford the services more easily.

Soft Wash Systems

Have you ever heard that power washing damages a property? Using too much pressure is a surefire way to scratch and chip brick, wood, shingles, and more. On the other hand, our soft wash systems provide a safe and gentle clean for every outdoor surface.
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