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7 Signs Your Michigan Property Needs Roof Cleaning

April 28, 2023

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Are you a homeowner asking, what are the signs I need roof cleaning for my Michigan home? If so, you’re certainly not alone! While roof washing isn’t always at the top of everyone’s priority list, it’s a vital home maintenance project. Roof cleaning removes damaging dirt, mud, and mold while keeping debris out of gutters.

Also, never underestimate the importance of a clean roof when it comes to a home’s curb appeal! Dirty roofs contribute to an entire property looking neglected. On the other hand, cleaning restores roof colors and removes unsightly grime.

7 Signs I Need Roof Cleaning for Your Michigan Home

With that in mind, check out 7 signs that it’s time for roof washing in Michigan. This information ensures you don’t overlook any detail when it comes to your property’s condition. You can also beat the rush by scheduling needed power washing ahead of time.

1. Visible debris

Obviously, no roof is always clear of leaves, twigs, and the like. However, if you notice visible debris beyond just a few fallen leaves, it’s time for professional washing! Layers of tree leaves and needles, twigs, fallen branches, moss, and other debris risk damage. They can also end up in gutters, risking clogs.

Also, note that homeowners might want to check for excessive debris during the autumn months. High winds and rain common to the state during fall often mean more debris ending up on area roofs. Scheduling pressure washing before the snow arrives can then protect your roof through harsh winter weather.

signs I need roof cleaning

2. Clogged gutters

Speaking of gutters, if you notice clogs and built-up debris, consider roof cleaning. Neglecting regular roof washing allows all those leaves and twigs to overwhelm attached gutters. In turn, clogs form in both the gutters and downspouts.

Moreover, you might check your gutters during fall months, for the same reason it’s good to monitor the roof! Those gutters capture melting snow and ice and direct them away from a structure in wintertime. In turn, it’s good to ensure clean, clog-free gutters before winter weather arrives.

3. Signs I Need Roof Cleaning? Tiger stripes!

Storm debris on the roof and clogged gutters often result in “tiger stripes.” This refers to muddy streaks along gutter undersides and down exterior walls. Layers of dirt and grime on the roof, as well as clogged gutters, often risk these unsightly streaks. When you notice them outside your home, consider roof cleaning as well as full gutter and house washing!

4. Roof materials look worn before they should

It’s often easy for homeowners to mistake thick dirt and grime for worn-out shingles and tiles. On the other hand, expert pressure washing can make roofing materials look new again! You might also schedule roof washing if you’re thinking of replacing that roof. Homeowners are often pleasantly surprised at how regular washing can restore a roof’s appearance.

5. Mold and algae growth

Some homeowners mistakenly think that roof washing increases the risk of mold and algae growth. On the contrary, power washing removes damp debris that creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, moss, and algae. Also, power washing helps kill spores and roots so these contaminants don’t grow back.

6. Asthma and other breathing disorders are acting up

If you notice that your asthma, allergies, or similar health issues act up when you’re outside, consider pressure washing! Remember that airborne dust, pollen, chemicals, smoke, soot, and other irritants end up on area roofs. In turn, neglecting needed cleaning can mean very unhealthy outdoor air quality. On the contrary, roof washing and other needed power washing services can remove those irritants easily.

roof cleaning signs Michigan

7. The rest of your property needs power washing

Homeowners often overlook their roof’s condition, as said. However, if you notice dirt and grime along other exterior surfaces, the roof probably needs some attention too! This is especially true if storms have moved through the area. High winds and heavy rains often deposit lots of dirt and debris on every outdoor surface along Michigan properties.

Moreover, consider annual power washing even if you don’t necessarily notice dirt and grime along your property. Roof shingles, tiles, flashing, and other materials often trap and lock dirt into place. You might not notice this unsightly grime from the ground! However, a professional washing ensures the roof is spotless and pristine, and protected against damage.

ProClean Power Washing Northern Michigan is happy to share these 7 reasons to answer what the signs I need roof cleaning are in Michigan. Hopefully, we’ve given you some great insights! If you’re in the area and need expert services, call our Northern Michigan power washing contractors. We offer outstanding cleaning, including roof and gutter washing, exterior wall washing, and more. Additionally, we can tackle parking lots and other surfaces along a commercial property. For your FREE price quote, contact us today!

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