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5 Fun Facts About Cheboygan, MI

April 13, 2023

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If you live in the area, you might be interested in some fun facts about Cheboygan. This beautiful city in northern Michigan has a long, rich history and has been a favorite tourist destination for decades. If you’re planning a trip to the area, check out some facts about Cheboygan you might enjoy!

This article was put together by our business who provides power washing services in Cheboygan and throughout northern Michigan.

fun facts about cheboygan

1. Cheboygan was First Settled in 1844

The city of Cheboygan was originally an Ojibwe settlement. However, in 1844, a cooper or woodworker named Jacob Sammons settled in the area. Being a cooper, he was able to build his own cabin easily!

Once settled, Sammons encouraged other settlers and tradespeople to move nearby. In 1846, the population had grown so much that they established a post office for the city!

Sawmills soon popped up, no doubt to support Sammons and other woodworkers. After that, the city continued to grow in population.

2. There Were Important Ferryboat Ports

If you spot Cheboygan on a map, you’ll see that it sits along the edge of Michigan’s upper shorelines. Starting in 1890, ferryboats took advantage of this location and began to dock in Cheboygan, allowing quick passage to nearby Bois Blanc.

Bois Blanc and surrounding areas of the Mackinac Straits were rich sources of firewood and lime. Those ferryboats made trading in these materials much easier. Also, in 1944, Cheboygan became home to the Coast Guard cutter Mackinac, until it was decommissioned in 2006.

3. The First Building in Cheboygan was a Library

The first building constructed in Cheboygan to serve specifically as its library was built in 1908. Andrew Carnegie donated $15,000 for its construction, which would be over $450,000 by today’s standards! The building served as a library until the 1960s.

4. Cheboygan is Home to the Great Outdoors

If you love the outdoors, then Cheboygan is the place for you! The city and nearby areas provide thousands of acres of public land, perfect for snowmobiling and skiing in wintertime.

There are even frozen lakes in the area dedicated to cross-country skiers, so you can enjoy your excursion without interruption. During summer months, consider hiking, camping, hunting, and other activities.

However, anyone who loves the water is also sure to enjoy this city. Cheboygan has three rivers, three lakes, and some 40 miles of inland boating area available. All that nature makes it a perfect spot for canoeing, kayaking, boating, and fishing.

5. Home to the Last Bascule Bridge in MI

If you love historic architecture, be sure to visit the Cheboygan Bascule Bridge. This bridge was the last bascule bridge built in Michigan. A bascule bridge has a pivoting section that raises and lowers with counterweights. You won’t find many of its kind in use around the country today!

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